between the gates

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The amazing true story

The amazing true-story of an innocent young couple kidnapped at knife-point during a trip to the Philippine Islands. What started out as a mission of mercy quickly became a fight to the death—the ultimate battle of Good versus Evil.

Steve and Becky Riggle left their two young daughters at home in California as they joined a friend to meet up with missionary, “Mommy Olga,” in Manila Bay. They entered New Bilibid Prison with fresh optimism to share their faith with the most desperate of humanity; but nothing could have prepared them for what lay Between the Gates.

Their selfless hope was met with perilous cruelty as a group of hardened murderers suddenly captured, bound and stabbed them during a botched escape. In a bloody firefight that was impossible to survive, would their faith prove sufficient to see them through these gates of hell, safely to the other side?